I just received a porch violation. What do I do next?

The notice should have all of the necessary information for you to proceed. Give us a call at (773) 463-7777 so we can explain everything in further detail and figure out the next steps. Chicago Porch Masters is ready to assist you!

Where can I find a licensed architect/structural engineer? 

Porch Masters has an in-house experienced architect/structural engineer who can help with porch planning and designing.

Do I need a permit for my porch?

Porches that are in a single-family home, smaller than 50 square feet and less than 6’0” off the ground do not need a permit. All porches and balconies larger than that need a permit. Porch compliance with the City of Chicago regulations is mandatory.
All non-structural parts can only be repaired or replaced with a permit.

How much does repairing my porch cost?

The cost of repairing or replacing a porch can vary greatly. Often we can repair a porch instead of replacing it completely, which can reduce the costs dramatically. We offer a free, no strings attached estimate and we will let you know exactly how much repairing yours wil cost.

Can I apply for financing on my porch?

The City of Chicago, together with the neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS), can offer financial assistance programs for Chicago residents who own single-family homes or 2- to 4-unit buildings. You can find more information on

What is the maximum weight a porch has to be able to withstand?

A porch has to withstand at least 100 pounds per square foot.

If you have any other questions, please give us a call at
 (773) 463-7777
and we will be happy to help!